We are ParkTrade

ParkTrade Europe AB was founded in 2005 with the goal of assisting European Local Government Authorities and Companies to manage the notification and collection of traffic and parking fines/fees issued to foreign registered vehicles. Through our advanced technology, established routine processes and endorsed products with ISO 9001 Certification, we are able to;

  • offer access to a large database of registered vehicles in Europe
  • receive multicurrency payments via bank and online mode
  • deal with approximately 60 000 vehicle owners every month

We are committed to deliver our services within the standard of our ISO 9001 certification and in accordance with the policies, rules and standards provided and suggested by our business partners such as the European Parking Association.

  • These are our products

    We have developed two unique platforms to securely manage traffic fees and parking fines respectively.

    EPASS24 is used to manage congestion taxes, infrastructure charges and similar. The platform allows vehicle owners to easily manage and pay their charges. We facilitate payments in multi-currencies, auto payment, e-invoices, and similar.

    ParkiaPay is used to notify vehicle owners and vehicle rental providers throughout the world in regards to parking fines issued by municipalities and parking companies in many European countries.

    Click in each respective product below to find out more on what we offer.

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E-mail: info@parktrade.com
Phone: +46 8 663 54 00

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